Virginia florist

Keturah owns One Last Avocado Floral Design for 3 years now and services the Shenandoah Valley, Northern VA, DC, and the Eastern panhandle of WVa. She provides natural free-form floral design, for full-service weddings. Her services also include candles and other accessories.

I have had the joy of working with Keturah for an Staunton, Va elopement and love seeing her gorgeous work.

Here is her story!

How it began...

My sister-in-law started a flower farm about 5 years ago and I started experimenting. Someone asked me to help DIY their wedding flowers and it grew from there.

My designs are locally sourced whenever possible, using the freshest flowers. I avoid foam and try to use reusable mechanics as much as possible. But, I believe what really sets One Last Avocado apart is our design. Each design is unique, an art piece, and I strive to honor the flower's form. Sometimes that means seeing the beautiful underside of a flower, which is unusual.

My designs are organic and look like they have grown that way. I don't always hit that mark, but that's the goal. It's a little wild, but it's always beautiful.

What about business challenges?

About a year into my business we moved about 2 hours out into the Valley. That basically reset my fledgling business to square one. It was disappointing to get calls asking for flowers and have to refer them elsewhere because I no longer covered that area.

Space has been an issue for a while, but we recently rented a house with a full basement that is PERFECT for my floral needs.

My favorite part is stepping back and somehow the craziness of all those flowers beautiful on their own, has transformed into an organic installation that changes the whole vibe of a venue. That feeling when I know I created, or masterminded-because my team is amazing, something really freaking great just for you.

What Would she like us to know...

Just how honored I am when someone chooses me to design for them. Like, I'm so blown away that people like my work and want it for their weddings. Also, I'd like everyone to know that I get more excited for colorful weddings than for white and green palettes.

Reach out to Keturah from One Last Avocado today for all your floral needs!